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Wanna know more about me?


I’m Victor Schmidt. I come from Paris, France and started this blog in Dec 16. Why? Because I was fed up of only using Github’s readme.md files to share what I was doing.

To quickly sum up my learning track I went to a French Engineering school (Ecole polytechnique) then took a gap year to work at Dreem and travelled from India to Japan for 6 months. I then pursued an MSc. in Machine Learning at University College London (UCL).

Consequently, I worked for a year as an NLP Data Scientist at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance fighting financial fraud, as part of the Public Interest Entrepreneurs program.

I’m now a PhD candidate at Mila, Universite de Montreal supervised by Pr. Yoshua Bengio. I work on AI to fight Climate Change.

My resume (needs update), my LinkedIn (up to date).


I focus on applications of AI to mitigate Climate Change. In this context I mainly work on creating visualizations of climate change-related extreme events’ consequences, such as what happens to your house after a flood. You can have a look at our temporary website. Also, we collect images of such disaster on our ClimatePix website. <!–

  • ICLR 2019’s Ai for Social Good workshop
    • Visualizing the Consequences of Climate Change
    • paper | talk slides | video | poster
  • ITU’s AI For Good Global Summit 2019 invited talk
    • slides on the project | slides on the community
  • Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2019
    • Visualizing the Consequences of Climate Change
    • poster
  • Montréal AI Symposium
    • A Hybrid Generative Model Approach to Visualize Climate Change
    • poster
  • Reviewer for NeurIPS 2019’s WiML workshop
  • Reviewer for NeurIPS 2019’s AI for Social Good workshop
  • Reviewer for ICLR 2020’s Climate Change AI workshop
  • Reviewer for NeurIPS 2020’s Climate Change AI workshop –>

This blog

Here you’ll find:

  • Tutorials about how to implement Neural Nets with Keras and Lasagne.
  • Resources I find interesting (see top of the page) - (Needs an update, working on it)
  • Posts to explain issues I ran into and solved, random thoughts or pieces of advice.

Please use the comments but don’t expect me to solve your problems : having a full-time PhD and many side projects (such as this blog or Metada) I most probably won’t have the time. If I do however, it will be with pleasure!

Don’t hesitate on leaving comments, topics you’d like me to go deeper into or new ones I should scratch.



Feel free to signal broken links and typos. I know I have work to do to update the tutorials, I might one day. If you want to help updating them, get in touch.

And yes, I know Facebook and Twitter buttons aren’t aligned. I can’t have them do so. Any help is welcome.


The code from the tutorials is licensed under GNU. Icons made by Freepik and Gregor Cresnar from Flaticon licensed by CC BY 3.0 and Favicon basic license.