AWS AMI for p2 instances with Tensorflow 1.0

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Meet vict0rsch-2.0 from North Virginia


This new AMI has :

I tried to add OpenCV 3.1.0 but ran into so much trouble I could not. Still an open issue here. I will add it for the next version. Add suggestions and other libraries you’d need in the comments!


Its name is vict0rsch-2.0 and is located in the us-east-1 region i.e. N. Virginia (because p2 instances are not (yet) in California)


Also if you have troubles with connecting and managing the instance, do have a look at this other post!


ZSH is the default shell in this AMI. It will only make things easier compared to Bash. Nothing less, a few very useful things more like the smarter tab completion, Up-key history (if you type for instance ssh -i + Up-key it will go through the history of command starting like this, not all commands!) and also the z shortcut if you often go to the same locations. Dive in!